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Riverside Yacht Club Frostbiting

Kattack Tracking System

In 2013, the YRA purchased an annual subscription for the Kattack Sail Tracking Program and made it available to YRA member clubs and One Design organizations for free on a trial basis.  A version of this program had been in use in the local area for a few years, most prominently in the Stamford Vineyard Race.  More recently, Kattack introduced a low cost smart phone app allowing skippers to use their mobile phone, in place of a more costly GPS tracking device provided by Kattack.  With this development, the YRA undertook a trial of Kattack in 2013 and asked for feedback from our members.


Approximately 130 member boats utilized the Kattack app and several member clubs and One Design fleets utilized the Sail Tracking Program for regattas.  We received much input and appreciate the time taken to provide us the feedback.  The prospect of a low cost app and Kattack’s Sail Tracking Program features were well received.  However reliability issues were experienced with the tracking of boats due to spotty cell phone coverage in many areas of the Long Island Sound and rapid battery drain while in GPS mode over extended periods while racing; both created frustrations for users.


Unfortunately, other than switching to a more costly transmitting device like a satellite GPS unit, Kattack does not have any specific near term plans which would mitigate the “coverage” issues associated with the phone app.  While the YRA believes race tracking can be a useful tool for racers and race organizers in localized areas of Long Island Sound, the YRA concluded that this service did not provide the value we were looking for when we tested this service last year.  Therefore the YRA has decided not to renew its subscription with Kattack.  Individual member clubs and One Design organizations, who wish to continue to use Kattack, can purchase a discounted subscription directly with Kattack by contacting them at

Hudson River YRA Seminar Invitation

Mike Colucci, President , Hudson River YRA (HRYRA) has extended an invitation to the YRA membership to their first spring sailing seminar of the 2014 season.  Dave Perry will be speaking at the Stony Point Conference Center in Stony Point, NY on Tuesday, March 18th from 7-10 pm.  His presentation is titled "Tactics in a Crows."  

Click HERE to view the seminar flyer for more information

North U BOATSPEED!  Seminars

Boatspeed and Racing Trim Seminars with Bill Gladstone

March 9 - Milford, CT
March15 - Stmaford, CT
March 16 - Long Island, NY
March 22 - CIty Island, NY

$85 vs. full rate of $115
Add YRALIS in the comments field and pick "Member" as attendee type

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The 2014 YRA Handicap Racing Program

 Click HERE for the 2014 YRA Racing Program FINAL

Click HERE for the 2014 YRA One Design Racing Schedule

Dave Perry

In addition to presenting a great recap of the 2013 America's Cup at the YRA Annual Meeting, Dave Perry informed the audience that he is available to do workshops, and coaching sessions and presentations similar to the one he did for the YRA for sailors and race officials at YRA clubs this winter and spring. He is very flexible. One idea is that he can observe and videotape an afternoon of frostbiting, then return one evening the following week and do a comprehensive video debrief of the afternoon of racing. Another is he can run a mock protest hearing, using members of the audience as the parties to the hearing and the protest committee, as a means of explaining the technical rules of how the protest and redress process works, and giving tips on how to be successful in that process. And he can do club-wide evening presentations to small or large groups on a variety of educational and entertaining topics. If interested, contact Dave at or 203-255-8645.

2013 YRA Annual Meeting and Awards


On Sunday, Dec. 1, the Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound (YRALIS) held their Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony in the Schaefer Room at Larchmont Yacht Club.  In attendance were over 80 award recipients and family and friends.   YRA President, Charles Powers, Lloyd Harbor YC, opened the meeting after a short cocktail hour and introduced Dave Perry, that icon of sailing rules and match racing, who delivered an excellent overview of all the action and issues with the 34th America's Cup completed this fall.  His presentation included a blow-by-blow description of how Oracle Team USA came from 8-1 down to Emirates Team New Zealand, and won the Cup 9-8, and some of the changes they made along the way to turn the table. Dave also explained what is happening now with plans for the 35th Cup.


Dave announced that North U was offering a grant to at least two YRA clubs who were willing to make a commitment to running a match racing program at their club this spring and early summer. The club would need to commit to running a day-long clinic at the outset in late May or early June, and then 3 or more match racing sessions (evenings or on the weekends) before July 1. North U would cover the costs of the coaching and materials, and Dave and North U will assist the club in setting up the program. The culmination of the program will be the Taylor Trophy regatta, Long Island Sound's match racing championship, the weekend of July 5 and 6 at Larchmont Yacht Club in their Ideal 18's, with July 5 being a clinic and practice racing with coaching from Dave, and July 6 being the regatta. Clubs interested in being considered for this grant should contact Dave,,  203.255.8645.


The Chairman of the Nominating Committee, Sue Miller, MBYC, presented the following slate of officers and directors who were voted unanimously into office:  Charles Powers, Lloyd Harbor YC, President, Vice-Presidents:  Steve Cain, Huguenot YC and Can One Evening Race Association and Ken Hall, Riverside YC; Treasurer:  Ed Yocum, Larchmont YC and Secretary:  Leonard Sitar, American YC.  Directors:  Class of 2014:  Park Benjamin, Seawanhaka Corinthian YC and Ron Richman, American YC; Class of 2015:  John Silbersack, Manhasset Bay YC and Jay Rhame, Larchmont YC; Class of 2016:  Charles Goodrich, Stamford YC and Iris Vogel, Huguenot YC.

CLICK HERE to read the entire recap of the Annual Meeting.

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The YRA is developing a "one stop shopping" website that will combine member payments and the online PHRF system all in one website.  The website will be available early next year.  You will receive an email notification when the site is up and running!  This new website will streamline the entire process.  We are looking forward to offering you this new and improved website as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we need to continue using the old system. To receive a 2014 PHRF certificate - new, renewal with changes, renewal without changes - see below.  It is the same process as last year.

2014 PHRF Certificates  
NOTE:  Guest certificates are only available to boats from outside the Western Long Island Sound area and a copy of the out-of-area PHRF Certificate should be submitted when requesting a guest rating. 
The process for obtaining a YRA Certificate:

1.   Join the YRA as a Guest ($50) or if you live in the YRALIS geographical area, renew (or join) as an Active Member with PHRF ($125).  Remember your User ID and password.
2.   Once paid, wait a day and log onto  Enter the same User ID you used to pay for your membership but create a new password.  Redeem your coupon.
3.   Follow instructions for renewing a boat or for obtaining a certificate for a new boat. If you have never had a YRA PHRF certificate, then ask for a PHRF for a new boat.
4.   If changes to your boat or new boat, you will be given name and email of handicapper.  If seeking a Guest PHRF, please email to your handicapper your out-of-area PHRF certificate.  
5. If a renewal with no changes, just download and save to your computer. 
5.   Once your boat is rated, you will be able to view, download, print and save your PHRF by going to  On top of homepage, go to Racing, PHRF Certificate List.   
6.   Questions?  Call the YRA office (516-767-9240) or email:  


Want to sell a boat or a set of sails?  Maybe some nautical items that you don't need any longer?


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