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One Design News

One Design News

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This is where all the great information from one design racing can be posted.  Please send the YRA office any information you have - it could be the great party after racing, the strange wind conditions on LIS (yeah, right!), comments about the actual race (no slamming other competitors), or something funny that happened.  This is YOUR page.  

Fleets racing in Long Island Sound include:

Atlantics, Beneteau 36.7s, Ensigns, Etchells, Flying Scots, Ideal 18s, Interclubs, IODs, J-24s, J-70s, J-80s, J-88s, J-92s, J-105s, J-109s, J-44, JY-15s, K-6s, Lasers, Lightnings, Manhasset Bay One Designs, Rhodes 19, S Class, Shields, Sonars, Soverel 33s, Stars, Sunfishes, Thistles, Vanguard 15s, and  Viper 640s.   

Let's hear about your experiences, and get some ACTION going!  

2017 Letter from Rich Rubel, YRA One Design Director

With the change of calendar and holidays behind us, I trust that are we beginning to think about sailing (if we are not currently frostbiting) and getting ready for the 2017 sailing season.  

I am again writing to request updated information on your One-Design Fleets, your Fleet Captain contact info and any website links you may have for your clubs’ classes of boats.  If your fleet is not listed in the attached lists, i.e., Fleet Contacts and Frostbite Fleets, please feel free to provide that information so that it may be published in the upcoming YRALIS 2017 Racing Program.  

Additionally, I know that race committee chairpersons are transitioning into their new positions, as are some flag officers and that calendars are now being drafted for the coming year.  I have also attached a draft calendar for 2017 One-Design regattas that mostly contains the events (and dates) you ran in 2016; these are identified by the smaller font size, as opposed to the updated 2017 info that is larger and bolded.  I would appreciate receiving confirmations and updated information on these or other events you are planning to run this year.  Again, please check the dates, classes of boats that are sailing and the number of years of the race’s running. 

As I indicated last year, I’m most interested in hearing what’s going on with your fleets and getting information to post on our website.  This year the YRA will be investing heavily for website upgrades so that information can be found on the site much easier and made available to the sailors in a more timely fashion.   That’s the plan, which again, requires direct contact from all of you with one-design activities.  And should you have any ideas on how the YRA can better serve your club or fleet, or just have the need to chat about sailing, please feel free to contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on the water.   Cheers!  


Rich Rubel
YRA One Design Director
Days 212 630-7240
Eves 631 754-0891
Fax 212 630-7757