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From the Desk of Rich Rubel, YRALIS One Design Programs

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Dear One-design Fleet Capts, By now our boats and yacht clubs are most likely commissioned and we have signed up for our spring and summer series races.  Having heard from a few of the one-design Fleet Captains, we’ve updated the YRA Race Program with new and even more one-design fleet contact information. I hope that you have received and are enjoying the new Race Program.

At the outset of this sailing season, I’ll take this opportunity to

Need BOTH Crewed and Double-Handed PHRF Certificate?

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If you want a 2017 PHRF (crewed) and a PHRF (Double-handed), please process for the crewed PHRF certificate FIRST.  Once you have this, then go back into the YRA website, click on RACING, DOUBLE HANDED.  Click on DOUBLE HANDED and you will have a coupon waitng for you to continue the process. do the DOUBLE HANDED PHRF Certificate first, you will have to call the office (516-767-9240) to get another coupon for your crewed PHRF Certificate.

If you only need a DH Certificate, redeem your coupon and make sure you click on the DH certificate box in the right-handed column of the certificate

Need a 2017 YRA GUEST PHRF Certificate?

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If you never have been a YRA Guest Member:

You need to JOIN the YRA as a GUEST member. Click on MEMBERSHIP at the top of the page. This will take you to the membership page with options to join at various levels. Chose GUEST Membership.  Once you have paid the $50 (online via a credit card), you then can process for your Guest PHRF certificate.  Go to the left hand side of the website, click on My PHRF certificates.  This will take you to a page with a COUPON.  Redeem the coupon and then ask for a new PHRF.  Fill in the measurements from your current PHRF certificate if you have one, and hit enter.  You will be assigned a handicapper and his or her name will appear on the page as well as the email address.  You may want to email them and attach your current PHRF certificate (if you have one from another area).  This would help expedite the process.

If you have been a YRA Guest Member:

You need to RENEW your membership.  Follow the instructions above starting with Click on Membership at the top of the page. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call the office at 516-767-9240 or email the office at:

2017 YRA Spring Meeting

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The YRALIS held its Annual Spring Meeting immediately preceding the Dave Perry Rules Seminar at Riverside YC on Wednesday, March 29. The purpose of the Annual Meeting was to vote of the Nominating Slate for the current year:

Thom Hering, Chair, Centerport YC
Jed Kelly, Larchmont YC
Ken Hall - Riverside YC
Roger Widman - New York YC
Dana Schnipper - Manhasset Bay YC.

There was a motion to accept the slate which was seconded. The slate was then put to a vote and unanimously approved. After the vote, the meeting was adjourned. 


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Scoring for the Youth Challenge Cup


 There are three requirements and one request in order for a boat to be eligible to qualify for the YRALIS Youth Challenge Cup, (YCC):

  1. A boat must be sailed with 1/3 of her total crew, (rounded to the nearest whole number), between the ages of 14 and 23, (in a calendar year).  No double handed racing will count.
  2. It is the entrants responsibility to have the initials "YCC" displayed after the boat name on all race documents, (Scratch Sheet and Results).
  3. The entrant must e-mail the YRA Scorer at for each race they intend to count towards this trophy.  It must include the total number of crew and the number of qualified youth on board.
  4. It is requested that all participating boats fly the "J" flag from their backstay.


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