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2014 YRA Annual Meeting - A Festive Start to the Holiday Season

The YRALIS held its 2014 Annual Meeting last Sunday in the beautiful Schaefer Room at Larchmont YC.  The lovely holiday decorations and the glittering trophies added a special ambiance to the room.  Add in the jovial award-winners and their friends and family, plus some time for pre-meeting refreshments and the scene at LYC was in full celebration mode.  Dawn Riley, Executive Director, Oakcliff Sailing Center, wowed the crowd with her take on recent activity on Leg 2 of the Volvo Ocean Race.  Even though most of the audience was familiar with the mishap to Team Vestas Wind forcing them to cease racing, you could hear a pin drop as Dawn spoke of what actually happened.  Thank you, Dawn, for your, as always, entertaining and informative presentation.

Next up: President, Charlie Powers, presided over a very short meeting for the purpose of electing YRA officers for 2015.  Jonathan Nye, Chair, Nominating Committee, presented the slate of officer, which was unanimously approved.  The slate for 2015:

Officers:  President:  Charles Powers, Lloyd Harbor YC, Vice President: Steve Cain, Huguenot YC, Vice President: Ken Hall, Riverside YC, Treasurer:  Edward Yocum, Larchmont YC, Secretary: Park Benjamin, Seawanhaka Corinthian YC.   Directors: Class of 2015:  John Silbersack, Manhasset Bay YC and Joseph (Jay) Rhame, Larchmont YC, Class of 2016:  Charles Goodrich, Stamford YC and Iris Vogel, Huguenot YC, Class of 2017: Josh Burack, Can One Evening Race Association and Jeff Hammer, Lloyd Harbor YC. Thanks to Jonathan Nye, Indian Harbor YC, Chair of the Nominating Committee and his committee:  Andree Pruett, Riverside YC, Norman Schulman, Sea Cliff YC, Adam Loory, Huguenot YC and Thom Hering, Centerport YC.

Photos from the Annual Meeting are posted on the YRA Facebook page with captions.  To read the captions you need to click on the photo.  To view the photos, please click HERE  

For a complete list of the 2014 One-design and Distance Race winners, please click on the links to the winners located in the article below announcing the YRA Annual Meeting.