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2014 YRALIS PHRF and One-Design Championships

PHRF Championships

A Weekend of Great Racing at the 2014 YRA PHRF and One-Design Champs


Who says there is no wind on Long Island Sound in August? The YRA 2014 PHRF and One-Design Championships totally put an end to that myth on August 2-3. The winds on Saturday reached to about 18-20 knots, with higher gusts. One Viper turtled, another Viper lost a man overboard (quickly recovered). It was wild and wooly, and a very wet ride. So when the racers came on land after racing, you might think they'd be tired, injured, maybe even quiet. NOT this group. They headed first for the bar and grabbed a table and the war stories began.  Isn't wind wonderful? The party was a happy place. On Sunday the winds diminished somewhat and by around 3 pm Mother Nature started thinking of packing it in. All circles got in enough racers so there was one throw out.


Top boats in each division:

Etchells: 1. Sandy Weil/Markus Lahrkamp, Ice Nine, 2. John McConnell, Frisbee, 3. Henry Gaillard, Flame.   IOD:  1. Jennifer Miller, Topaz, 2. Wells Bacon, Black Arrow, 3. Ed Briganti, Dark Horse.  Shields: 1. Fred Werblow, Checkmate, 2. Justin Gibbons, Sandpiper, 3. Thomas O’Brien, Swamp FoxS-Boats: 1. Kirsty Scott, Eaglet, 2. Sean Park, Dilemma, 3. Richard Beck, Iroquois.  Ideal 18: 1 Michael Millard, Whiskey, 2. Elise Ingalls Swanton, Papa, 3. John Cutting, FoxtrotLaser: 1 Lawrence McGrath, Mighty Mouse, 2. Jean-Yves Fillion, JY Fillion, 3. Oliver Repenning, Laser 175553. J70: 1. Peter Duncan, Relative Obscurity, 2. Scott and Alex Furnary, Any Colour, 3. Carrie and Ed Austin, ChinookPHRF I (<74): 1. Adam Loory, Soulmates, 2. Roger Widmann, QuintessencePHRF II (75-100): 1. William Purdy, Whirlwind, 2. Frederick Heerde, Maudelayne.  PHRF III (101-115):  1. Tom and Julie Sinatra, Smokin’ J, 2. Christian Uecker, Hound DogPHRF IV (>115):  1. Richard Correll, Loki 3, 2. Jason Viseltear, Upsetter. PHRF Navigator: 1. Christopher Schneider, Rascal, 2. John Stomber, Mariah.   Complete Scores: YachtScoring:

Lawrence McGrath, Mighty Mouse, was the Indian Harbor Inner Circle Winner and won the Henry Anderson Trophy (Quarterfinals for the US Singlehanded Championship). Danny Pletsch and Cardwell Potts, Blackout Proposal, won the Indian Harbor Sport Boat Circle and the Commodore Hipkins Trophy (USS ladder trophy for men’s multi-handed racing), which they also won in 2013.  The Riverside YC Circle Winner was William Purdy, Whirlwind.


Many thanks to Riverside YC, Vineyard Vines and Landfall Navigation for sponsoring this year’s event.  Also thanks to Jay Rhame and Gino Bottino, Event Chairs, with help from YRA President Charlie Powers, YRA board members Ken Hall and Charles Goodrich, and Andrea Watson, Ex. Secretary.  Additional thanks to our four PROs:  George Petrides, AYC, Zeke Howowitz, IHYC (One-design) and Jeff Merz, IHYC (Sport Boat), and Richard Kosinski, RYC.  Thanks to Bob Counihan, Scorer and Bill Baxter, Protest Chair. And, of course, many thanks to Courtney Wetzel, Riverside Asst. Manager and her terrific crew.


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