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2017 YRA Spring Meeting

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The YRALIS held its Annual Spring Meeting immediately preceding the Dave Perry Rules Seminar at Riverside YC on Wednesday, March 29. The purpose of the Annual Meeting was to vote of the Nominating Slate for the current year:

Thom Hering, Chair, Centerport YC
Jed Kelly, Larchmont YC
Ken Hall - Riverside YC
Roger Widman - New York YC
Dana Schnipper - Manhasset Bay YC.

There was a motion to accept the slate which was seconded. The slate was then put to a vote and unanimously approved. After the vote, the meeting was adjourned. 

Next up was Dave Perry, who spent the next hour or so enlightening those in attendance with his clear and easy to understand explanation of the RRS changes for the next four years. Over 100 sailors were the lucky ones who left RYC with a better understanding of the rules. 

Submitted by: Andrea Watson, Executive Secretary, YRALIS