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YRALIS One Design Championship Rules

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a. the owner of a qualifying yacht must be a member of the yraLis or of the J.y.r.a. of L.i.s. and of a racing Class or Fleet which is a member thereof. Membership in a Class must be certified in writing by an authorized official of the Class to the YRA.

B. a yacht will not qualify until yra dues have been paid, but she will be counted as a starter for the purpose of scoring qualified yachts.

C. a yacht shall qualify only when she ranks as a starter in at least 50%, or not less than 10, whichever is the greater, of the races designated by her Class or fleet as qualifying races from the schedule designated by the sailing instructions as yra Championship races.

D. the association will award sound, area and fleet Championship prizes to yachts in each class that qualify as follows:

• first prize if 1 or more yachts qualify
• second prize if 5 or more yachts qualify • third prize if 8 or more yachts qualify
• fourth prize if 15 or more yachts qualify • fifth prize if 20 or more yachts qualify

e. if a race is cancelled before the start, the number of races initially designated by a Class or fleet as Champion- ship races for the purpose of qualifying shall be reduced by one. if a race is cancelled after it has started, it shall constitute a race for the purpose of qualification.

F. If a class or fleet adopts a racing schedule other than the schedule designated by the Sailing Instructions as yra Championship races, it shall submit its adopted racing schedule to the yraLis prior to the start of the championship season.

g. a Club which declines to hold a scheduled race allotted to it shall give not less than 30 days notice to the association.

H. Clubs conducting the Mid-Sound Championship races shall file reports with the YRA immediately after each race, giving for each class the numbers of all yachts ranking as Starters and the order of finish. The YRA will transmit copies of these reports to the Class recorders. Clubs conducting area and fleet races shall furnish similar reports to the Clubs or fleet recorders. Class recorders for the mid-sound Championship races and Class or fleet recorders for the area and fleet races shall, immediately upon completion of the series, submit the season standings to the yra, either according to the yra recommended scoring system, (Cox-sprague) or such system as the fleet may opt. n.B.: in order for a yacht to qualify for the russell J. nall trophy, the Cox- sprague scoring system must be used, with no throw-out.

i. Scoring:
(1) if the Cox-sprague scoring system is used (the yra recommended scoring system), series scores will be com-

puted as follows:

a) Each starter in each scheduled race shall be credited with the number of points for her finishing place, indicated in the table in the yra yearbook.

b) A yacht’s series score shall be in the quotient obtained from dividing her Total Points Scored by her Total Possible Points.

(2) all scoring procedures:
a) a yacht that does not complete the prescribed course after her starting signal, or withdraws or is disquali-

fied, shall be counted as a Starter and shall receive the number of points applying to the finishing place one worse than the number of starters in that race.

b) If two yachts finish in a dead heat, both yachts shall receive the number of points for that place, and the next yacht shall receive the number of points for the second position below that of the dead-heat yachts.


one deSIgn chAmPIonShIP RULeS (continued)
c) A yacht shall not be counted as a Starter for the purpose of finishes but may include that race as a Start for

the purpose of qualification if:

c-1) she goes to the assistance of any vessel or person in peril during a race and for that reason does not choose to finish or:

c-2) she is disabled by an infringing yacht which withdraws from the race or is later disqualified through protest by the disabled yacht.

d) a yacht having no competition in her Class shall, if she crosses the starting line, be credited with a start for the purpose of qualification, but shall receive no score even if she completes the course.

e) series scores shall be computed to the nearest third digit. in the event of a tie, the tie shall be broken in favor of the yacht that has beaten the other the great number of times. if a tie still exists, the tie shall be broken in favor of the yacht with the greater number of 1st places, etc

J. in view of possible eventualities, the executive Committee is authorized to withdraw the Championship Prize, if considered advisable.

K. sound, area, and fleet Championship prizes will be awarded for scheduled series upon duly authorized request by an Officer of a Class, the Fleets or a Fleet concerned where the Executive Committee considers that suffi- cient races have been scheduled in conformance with rule C.

sound Championship prizes will be awarded either where a preponderance of the fleets of a Class on the sound compete in seasonal yra qualifying series or where the class schedules a special series for the purpose of deter- mining Class Champions on the sound (subject to the executive Committee approving that the special series is a truly representative competition).

area Championship prizes will be awarded where two or more fleets of a Class from two or more bays or harbors in a principal area of the sound compete in a seasonal Championship series.

Fleet Championship prizes will be awarded where a Fleet is confined solely to a particular bay or harbor.