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One Design News

One Design News

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This is where all the great information from one design racing can be posted.  Please send the YRA office any information you have - it could be the great party after racing, the strange wind conditions on LIS (yeah, right!), comments about the actual race (no slamming other competitors), or something funny that happened.  This is YOUR page.  

Fleets racing in Long Island Sound include:

Atlantics, Beneteau 36.7s, Ensigns, Etchells, Flying Scots, Ideal 18s, Interclubs, IODs, J-24s, J-70s, J-80s, J-88s, J-92s, J-105s, J-109s, J-44, JY-15s, K-6s, Lasers, Lightnings, Manhasset Bay One Designs, Rhodes 19, S Class, Shields, Sonars, Soverel 33s, Stars, Sunfishes, Thistles, Vanguard 15s, and  Viper 640s.   

Let's hear about your experiences, and get some ACTION going!  



From the Desk of Rich Rubel,  YRALIS One Design Programs


Dear One-design Fleet Capts, By now our boats and yacht clubs are most likely commissioned and we have signed up for our spring and summer series races.  Having heard from a few of the one-design Fleet Captains, we’ve updated the YRA Race Program with new and even more one-design fleet contact information. I hope that you have received and are enjoying the new Race Program.


At the outset of this sailing season, I’ll take this opportunity to

restate my appeal to all of you (doesn’t matter if you are new in the job or an old hand at running your class), that the YRA of LIS wants to promote your one-design sailing and your fleet’s activities. We want to get your pictures, stories, scores and whatnot to place on the YRA website. Populating the one-design section of the YRA website is a good indicator of strong fleet activity to promote your class, e.g., it can help those who may be scouting out a one-design fleet to join, or maybe looking for a crewing opportunity. To paraphrase the NY Times: all the news that fits, we’ll print!


You or your fleet members may have also availed yourselves to the YRA sponsored seminars that we conducted back in March. It was a busy spring season, with many to choose from, mainly because this is a new Racing Rules year with additional information to impart. But in the “non-rules” years, what is it you’d like to learn about? We need to hear from the one-design sailors so that we can present programs that you’d like to attend. Please feel free and tell us what you think would be of interest to your members. One idea is to have a one-design symposium and feature speakers from the different classes that sail on the Sound, so that we may learn about each other’s boats and racing programs. So, give this some thought and let us know what’s needed and how our featured speaker events can better serve our one-design community.


Have you also heard about the growing interest in the _YRA’s Youth Challenge Cup_? This worthwhile program is not only for the PHRF sailors, but in fact is most likely already occurring with one-design keel boat fleets. Because it is a great path for young sailors to transition into bigger boats after their junior programs and extends to college aged sailors as well, it is something the YRA is promoting and making easier for boats to qualify.  Checkout our website to see how easy it is.


Lastly, the YRA is working on making this year’s YRA Championship Regatta on August 5 & 6 better than last year’s.  With seven one-design classes last year, there’s plenty of room to add a few more and flesh out the fleets already attending. Again, let us know of any interest you have in attending this year’s Champs and we can make it happen.


That’s all for now. I look forward to speaking further with you and gaining greater insights into the healthy and diverse one-design sailing programs on LIS. Thanks for all your participation and support.


Sail fast, sail safe,  Rich


Rich Rubel

YRALIS One Design Programs

Days 212 630-7240

Eves 631 754-0891

Fax 212 630-7757  

One Design Racing Sailing Instructions

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Please note that One Design Racing Sailing Instrudctions have been added the NOR that can be reached by going to the drop down menu under ONE DESIGN RACING.   You can also reach the SI by clicking on the link below.