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2017 YRA Spring Meeting

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The YRALIS held its Annual Spring Meeting immediately preceding the Dave Perry Rules Seminar at Riverside YC on Wednesday, March 29. The purpose of the Annual Meeting was to vote of the Nominating Slate for the current year:

Thom Hering, Chair, Centerport YC
Jed Kelly, Larchmont YC
Ken Hall - Riverside YC
Roger Widman - New York YC
Dana Schnipper - Manhasset Bay YC.

There was a motion to accept the slate which was seconded. The slate was then put to a vote and unanimously approved. After the vote, the meeting was adjourned. 

PHRF Meeting Minutes 2017-3



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Scoring for the Youth Challenge Cup


 There are three requirements and one request in order for a boat to be eligible to qualify for the YRALIS Youth Challenge Cup, (YCC):

  1. A boat must be sailed with 1/3 of her total crew, (rounded to the nearest whole number), between the ages of 14 and 23, (in a calendar year).  No double handed racing will count.
  2. It is the entrants responsibility to have the initials "YCC" displayed after the boat name on all race documents, (Scratch Sheet and Results).
  3. The entrant must e-mail the YRA Scorer at for each race they intend to count towards this trophy.  It must include the total number of crew and the number of qualified youth on board.
  4. It is requested that all participating boats fly the "J" flag from their backstay.


YRA Youth Challenge Cup

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Youth Challenge Cup
Challenging Owners to Increase Youth Participation

Last year the YRA listed venues that would qualify for the Youth Challenge Cup. THAT HAS CHANGED!  In 2017, all YRA qualifying regattas will now be counted towards the YCC.  

This year the process has been simplified 
so there is very little for skippers/teams to do.  

US -UK Etchells Youth Challenge

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Many thanks to Ron Thompson for providing news from the Etchells Fleet.  All information relating to One Design Racing can also be found by clicking on One Design Racing>Etchells Fleet at the top of this page.  

NOTE:   ALL One Design fleets can send information about their fleets to: and get it posted here and on our Facebook page.  So how about it? Help keep us all informed of the great stuff that is happening in and around Long Island Sound.  Looking forward to hearing from ALL of you this season!  We like photos too.  Any questions? 516-767-9240.

 US - UK Etchells Youth Challenge 

Announcing the first US – UK Etchells Youth Challenge. The Challenge, issued by the Cowes, UK Etchells Fleet includes one, or two, invitations to US Youth Teams for the Gertrude Cup in Cowes 22-Jul-17 to 26-Jul-17. The US Team(s) will face stiff competition from 20 other teams, including the UK Youth entry. 

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