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Membership year

We are currently only processing memberships and certificates for 2014. 

We are not accepting 2015 memberships.




Do you remember the days when sailing was a family affair? Do you remember when it was OK to camp out on the boat during Block Island Race Week? DO you remember when getting two races in on a single day was a very big deal?  Do you remember when spouses and kids were a normal part of the crew? Do you remember then it was OK to ask the crew to chip in for housing or, heaven forbid, buy their own drink bracelets….When the subject of growing our sport comes up in conversation (and it frequently does), I always think back to when I, along with a dozen teenage friends, fell in love with big-boat sailing. We all loved being on water, but we also loved the social scene when the sailing day was over.  Not one of us would ever miss an event.  MORE


YRALIS has launched its own FACEBOOK page.  For those with a 
FACEBOOK account, type 
The Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound
in the Search bar and LIKE US!

For those of you without a FACEBOOK account, either talk to 
those younger crew who seem to know how to do everything and 
have them help you.  Alternatively, Google FACEBOOK and click on Help.


Click here to go to the YRA FACEBOOK page

Safety Regulations

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Minimum Equipment and Safety Recommendations of the YRA of Long Island Sound

It is the purpose of these recommendations to establish a uniform minimum equipment and accommodation standard for yacht racing on Long Island Sound. These recommendations are intended to supplement rather than replace government requirements and the Racing Rules of Sailing. The responsibility for providing and maintaining a safe and seaworthy vessel rests entirely on the owner.

YRALIS One Design Championship Rules


a. the owner of a qualifying yacht must be a member of the yraLis or of the J.y.r.a. of L.i.s. and of a racing Class or Fleet which is a member thereof. Membership in a Class must be certified in writing by an authorized official of the Class to the YRA.


More and more races are sponsoring Double-Handed divisions for both short and long distance races. And with each boat only needing two people we could theoretically grow the number of entrants many fold. Stamford Yacht Club even has a weekend regatta just for us. My advice to anyone considering double-handing is to give it a try. You may get hooked just like I did.


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