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Lastest SCORES

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Thanks to Past YRA President, Charlie Powers, for the latest scores. NOTE:  The Distance Race Scores are PRELIMINARY FINALS.

These scores can also be found in RACING>SCORES. 



PHRF Rule - Roller Furling Credit

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June 27, 2017


Dear Fellow YRALIS Competitors,

Although we feel the regulation posted on the YRALIS website and printed in the YRALIS yearbook is very clear, it has come to our attention that there still is some confusion over eligibility for a PHRF Roller Furling Credit. The regulation reads as follows:  

'A three (3) second credit will be given, if requested, for having the headsail set on an above deck roller furling system.  In order to obtain the credit, the furling system must be in use at all times and all headsails (except storm sails), must be set using the furler system and must be able to be furled using the system.'

Among other things, this means you cannot tack your headsail at deck level. It must be attached at the drum and top swivel at all times while racing. You also cannot swap in a racing sail that does not fit or use the furling system.  You cannot use a headsail with battens that is not meant to furl.


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BIRW is now over.  From all reports it was wildly successful.  No surprise there.  Under the leadership of Storm Trysail Club Commodore and YRA member, Lenny Sitar, with Dick Neville, the Race Committe
and all the Storm Trysail volunteers, BIRWXXVII is one for the history books and will be talked about for a very long time. Thanks to all who made it happen.  

The carousel at the top of this page are photos to celebrate a few of the YRALIS teams who competed in this year's BIRW.  Congratulations to the podium winners and to ALL who came from near and far 
to magical Block Island to spend a week competing and having a great time.


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Please see updated scores below.  Many thanks to Charlie Powers for all the hard work to get these scores to our members.  

First SCORES for 2017

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Please see the SCORES below that have been recorded so far this season.  Note: the last attachment is Page 5 from the Racing Book. This expleains: Season Tropies, Eligibility & Rating Bands, and Qualifying for the various YRA Trophies.  Many thanks to Charlie Powers!

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