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2014 Taylor Trophy

The 2014 YRALIS Match Racing Championship for the Taylor Trophy has a winner. The team of Chris Johannessen and Wes Bemus,(7 wins) Cedar Point YC, beat Jonathan Hammond and Madeline Gill, Oakcliff Sailing Center in the last race of the day. Third was Benjamin Gent and Chris Bigos, New York YC. Both Hammond and Gent had 5 wins each but the tie-breaker went to Hammond. The day brought many surprises with predictions of who might win dashed as the racing continued. David Storrs, Pequot YC, won this event in 2012 and there was no race in 2013. Sailed in Ideal 18 at Larchmont YC, the competition was the best ever for the Taylor Trophy, thanks to Dave Perry who held a match racing clinic the day before at LYC.

A special shout out to Cynthia Parthemos, PRO, Larchmont YC, John May, LYC Race Committee Chair, and Larchmont YC. Also thanks to Bill Simon, Oakcliff Sailing Center, Chief Umpire, with his team of Bill Siener, Ron Stattel, Sue Reilly, Bam Miller, Kyra Goldsmith, Michael Quaglio and Danielle Gallo. Finally, thanks to the Taylor Trophy committee: Andrea Watson, Cynthia Parthemos, David Storrs and Doug Shannon! Many hours were spent by all the above to make this regatta a huge success. Thank you...thanks... merci

Final Results: 1.Chris Johannessen, 2. Jon Hammond, 3. Benjamin Gent, 4. Doug Wefer, Sea Cliff YC, 5. Derek Webster, Larchmont YC, 6. David Storrs, Pequot YC, 7. Doug Shannon, Oakcliff Sailing Center, 8. Bahar Gidwani, Mamaroneck Frostbite Association.

For photos of the event, taken by Andrea Watson, please click HERE

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