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The YRA website got an update!  Please notice that the RACING heading is just for PHRF boats.  And we added another heading called ONE DESIGN RACING, for - well, you get the idea.

One design racing is exploding on Long Island Sound.  So let us know what you are up to and we will post.  Looking for photos and stories and those "tall tales" that make racers nose grow by the minute, but are so much fun to hear.  Don't be shy, just email the YRA office with what you've got and we'll get as much posted as possible.

NOTE:  THE CONTACT LIST FOR THE ONE-DESIGN RACERS NOW HAS LIVE LINKS to make it easy for you to email the contact person. Go to the top of the page, click on One-Design.  At the bottom of the page (lots of good informaitive text on this page) click on the attachments found there.  

Also, did you notice...the carousel of photos on the home page are in celebration of our one design racers! 

Lastly, just so you the future you will need to go to the One Design Racing tab at the top to view new information.  Some stories will hit the home page, but most will be found there.  

And really lastly, any suggestions for thses pages are encouraged.  Just send them to

 Check out the video that Tucker Thompson produced for the Cedar Point One Design Regatta.  Click HERE



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2016 Scores are available for: 

Day Race Scores 
Distance Scores
Youth Challenge Cup 




LatestSCORES for 2017

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Please see the SCORES below that have been recorded so far this season. Many thanks to Charlie Powers!

NOTE:  A fourth attachment has been added and it is all about YRALIS Scoring.  You may want to read this one!

One Design Racing Sailing Instructions

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Please note that One Design Racing Sailing Instrudctions have been added the NOR that can be reached by going to the drop down menu under ONE DESIGN RACING.   You can also reach the SI by clicking on the link below.  


From the Desk of Rich Rubel, YRALIS One Design Programs

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Dear One-design Fleet Capts, By now our boats and yacht clubs are most likely commissioned and we have signed up for our spring and summer series races.  Having heard from a few of the one-design Fleet Captains, we’ve updated the YRA Race Program with new and even more one-design fleet contact information. I hope that you have received and are enjoying the new Race Program.

At the outset of this sailing season, I’ll take this opportunity to

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