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PHRF Rule - Roller Furling Credit

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June 27, 2017


Dear Fellow YRALIS Competitors,

Although we feel the regulation posted on the YRALIS website and printed in the YRALIS yearbook is very clear, it has come to our attention that there still is some confusion over eligibility for a PHRF Roller Furling Credit. The regulation reads as follows:  

'A three (3) second credit will be given, if requested, for having the headsail set on an above deck roller furling system.  In order to obtain the credit, the furling system must be in use at all times and all headsails (except storm sails), must be set using the furler system and must be able to be furled using the system.'

Among other things, this means you cannot tack your headsail at deck level. It must be attached at the drum and top swivel at all times while racing. You also cannot swap in a racing sail that does not fit or use the furling system.  You cannot use a headsail with battens that is not meant to furl.

Violation of this regulation is considered a serious offence. When you sign and submit your PHRF certificate you are warranting the accuracy of the technical information, and also agreeing to abide by YRALIS PHRF Regulations. If you are not using the furling system but are taking the credit, you are knowingly sailing out of compliance with your YRALIS PHRF certificate. As such you are subject to disqualification not only from a particular event or series, but also YRALIS season trophies. Non-compliance may also lead to revocation of your YRALIS PHRF Certificate, and/or other disciplinary actions available under the Racing Rules of Sailing. Of course, inadvertent mistakes will occasionally happen. However, if a competitor is aware of competing in prior events where the boat was sailed out of compliance, the onus is on the competitor to contact those organizing authorities and request to be scored RAF, DSQ, or be rescored with the proper rating. Finally, one design ratings and class rules are usually superseded by PHRF regulations, when sailing in a PHRF regatta with a mixed fleet.  

Waiting to see if corrective action comes from a race committee, or not, is not in the best interest of maintaining the integrity of our self-policing sport. A small error in rating can lead to a large discrepancy in season trophy scoring by the end of the season.  This applies to podium finishers as well as those with results in the bottom of the standings.  The YRALIS encourages Organizing Authorities to establish and utilize regatta 'Technical Committees' as newly introduced this year under RRS 92 to assist in ensuring compliance in a respectful and Corinthian manner.

We encourage all competitors to review PHRF regulations found on our website ( If you have any questions about the roller furling credit, or other rating issues, you may direct them to the PHRF Committee by emailing or contacting any YRALIS representative, who promises a prompt response.  



YRALIS Executive Committee