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Scoring for the Youth Challenge Cup


 There are three requirements and one request in order for a boat to be eligible to qualify for the YRALIS Youth Challenge Cup, (YCC):

  1. A boat must be sailed with 1/3 of her total crew, (rounded to the nearest whole number), between the ages of 14 and 23, (in a calendar year).  No double handed racing will count.
  2. It is the entrants responsibility to have the initials "YCC" displayed after the boat name on all race documents, (Scratch Sheet and Results).
  3. The entrant must e-mail the YRA Scorer at for each race they intend to count towards this trophy.  It must include the total number of crew and the number of qualified youth on board.
  4. It is requested that all participating boats fly the "J" flag from their backstay.


The individual scores will be High Point Percentage of Perfection as spelled out in the scoring section of the Racing Program, similar to all the other perpetual trophies offered by the YRALIS.

Overall scores will be calculated as follows:

Day Race total results will be entered once for each day of competition, Short Distance races, (SD), twice and Long Distance races, (LD), four times.  How races are categorized is indicated in the Schedule of Qualifying Matrix in the Racing Program.

Once a boat has seven entries, it qualifies, and her best combination of seven will be used.