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 PHRF Regulations FINAL (See Attachment Below) 

In order to obtain a new YRA of LIS PHRF certificate through the web site, you must be an Active member and must have already purchased a PHRF Certificate, either as an "Active with PHRF Certificate" membership or separately.  Sailors that do not keep their boats in the Western Long Island Sound area may obtain a Guest Certificate by contacting the YRA of LIS office at 516-767-9240.In order to access this link,you will be asked to log in, if you haven't already done so.
Further instructions are on the linked page.

How to obtain a PHRF Certificate 

The PHRF Regulations currently require ''that sail dimensions not specifically stated on the certificate conform either to the yacht's class or to limitations that have long been standard in all measurement rules''. As certain sail types are newly being explored and may not be mentioned, or were banned, in earlier measurement rules; the PHRF Committee has made the following change to the PHRF Regulations, effective March 12, 2007. Spinnakers shall not have battens and shall not be attached to the headstay along the length of any luff or leach.

For a list of the 2017 PHRF Committee, please click HERE


PHRF Base Ratings

Valid PHRF Certificates

Please contact the YRALIS for the book titled Racing Program
This website contains much that is in the book.
In the event of conflicting information, the Book takes
precedence over what is shown on the website.
YRALIS - 455 Main Street - Port Washington, NY 11050
Phone (516) 767-9240