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Who We Are

YRALIS: Run by Sailors … for Sailors.YRALISYRALIS


The Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound has been serving local racing sailors for over 100 years.  From organizing championships to rating boats using the latest handicap standards, YRALIS is dedicated to promoting safe, fair and challenging sailboat racing throughout Western Long Island Sound.

Today, we have over 65 member clubs, and nearly a thousand individual members.  Over 700 boats are registered in the PHRF fleet, racing in both spinnaker and non-spinnaker classes.  In addition, there are several offshore one-designs: J-44, J-120, J-35, J-105, J-30, J-92, J-80, Mumm 30s and Express 37s.


Our member clubs and class associations provide inshore one-design competition and support learn-to-sail programs for sailors new to the sport.  Top inshore one-design classes include Vanguard 15s, Etchells, Sonars, Lightnings, Flying Scots, Shields, Lasers, IODs, Ideal 18s and Interclubs. Many of our member clubs also provide learn to sail and racing programs for young sailors, through our affiliate, the Junior Sailing Association of Long Island Sound.

Why Your Membership is Important:


The strength of the YRA is in our members.  The individuals who rate PHRF boats are the competitors who sail them and know the local conditions.  The sailors who race one-design are those who develop the schedules.  And, the folks who run race committee are competitors themselves.  All our members work together towards one goal: to help get you out sailing, and make sure you have fun doing it.  By joining the YRA as an individual member, club or class association, you will help support your fellow sailors and the work they do behind the scenes to achieve that goal.

Services for Individual Sailors:

*  Season point championships in fifteen different categories of handicap and one-design sailing.

*  Annual YRALIS Handicap and One-Design Championship Regatta.

*  Competition in four US Sailing Championship disciplines (Men‘s, Women‘s, Match Racing and Singlehanded).

*  PHRF Rating Services for racer-cruisers and club cruiser-racers.

*  Annual YRALIS Handicap Racing Program booklet, listing dozens of day and overnight races.

*  Seminars on racing rules, sail trim and performance, and safety issues.

*  A user-friendly Website, featuring results, schedules, links to clubs, classes and fleets, and other valuable information.

*  Annual awards for sportsmanship and outstanding service.

*  Protest Appeals Committee.

*  Annual Membership Directory.

Support for Clubs and Class Associations:

*  Club representation through the YRA on the US SAILING
     Council of Sailing Associations

*  Race Management seminars.

*  Support of class rules in all events.

*  Support of offshore one-design racing, with class starts in all major events.

*  Centralized coordination of racing schedules and promotion of events.

How to Get Started:

For sailors who are new to racing, or are new to Western Long Island Sound, here are some simple steps to get out sailing:

*  Join YRALIS as a Distance Racing Member (for PHRF and IMS sailors) or as a One-Design Member.  You'll receive a Yearbook, a schedule, a newsletter, and immediate access to all services.

*  For PHRF handicap racing, apply to YRALIS for a rating for your boat.  (New boats will also be issued a sail number from USSailing)

*  Consider joining a YRA-member club.  (Club membership is not required to race, but it can provide sailors with additional sailing opportunities and other valuable services.)

*  Newcomers can avail themselves of instructional seminars on racing, sail trim, tactics and rules offered by the YRA and its member clubs and organizations.

Contact Information


180 East Prospect Avenue
Mamaroneck, New York 10543
Phone: 516-767-9240
Fax: 516-767-9240
Hours - Tuesday - Friday 12 - 6